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KNOCK (Ireland)

Our Lady, Queen of Ireland

clipboard25.jpgThe Sanctuary began as the result of an apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary on 21st. August 1879 to fifteen people of different ages.

The apparition lasted for 2 hours. Our Lady was accompanied by St. Joseph and St. John, the Evangelist. The vision also contained an altar with a Cross and a Lamb on it surrounded by adoring angels.

Pope John-Paul II came on pilgrimage to the Sanctuary on 30th September 1979.clipboard26.jpg

The Feast of Our Lady of Knock is kept on 21st. August.

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O my Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary, I offer myself entirely to Thy grace and to Thy overwhelming mercy today and forever, but mostly at the hour of my death do I dedicate myself to thee. To thee do I dedicate my body and soul, all my happiness and hope, all my sorrows and sufferings! I offer my life and the end of my life to Thy holy hands so that through Thy merits all my deeds and acts go according to Thy holy will and according to the will of Thy sweetest Son! Amen.

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