Vilniaus Sv.Tereses parapija
Ausros vartu g. 14
LT-01303 Vilnius
Tel. (00370 5) 212 35 13


One side of the cupola vaulting shows the death of St Theresa. The composition is based on the carving of A. van Westerhout. On the upper side of it, there is a fresco of St Theresa lying with a cross; sisters are holding her from both sides while brothers and parents are watching. Beneath her, on the clouds which are painted on the entire vaulting, the figure of Christ is painted on the left, stretching his hand to the Saint. A crowd of heavenly figures dressed in bright colours are painted on the other side. Holy Spirit Dove is also seen in the ray of light between St Theresa and Christ.

auŠros vartai 137.jpgAnother side of the cupola shows apotheosis of St Theresa: supported by angels, the Saint is soaring into the clouds. This part of the composition is also based on the carving by A. van Westerhout representing the life of St Theresa. There is an inscription underneath, saying: ‘St Theresa whose thoughts were constantly raised to heavens was taken to heaven in soul and flesh, because she merited being with those who art in heaven'.


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O my Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary, I offer myself entirely to Thy grace and to Thy overwhelming mercy today and forever, but mostly at the hour of my death do I dedicate myself to thee. To thee do I dedicate my body and soul, all my happiness and hope, all my sorrows and sufferings! I offer my life and the end of my life to Thy holy hands so that through Thy merits all my deeds and acts go according to Thy holy will and according to the will of Thy sweetest Son! Amen.

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